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Saturday, September 7, 2013

~Gaming Paradise~

   Whats Up Fellow And Future Gamers!!! I've got a question for everyone... Have you ever been looking for a game and NOTHING you find seems to interest you? Or maybe you found this OMG, NO FRIGEN WAY!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! PWNT!!!! game and all of a sudden it wants you to pay to play it? Or what about those that ask you to complete a survey then you can download, but guess what, THAT SURVEY NEVER ENDS!!! It just keeps going, and going, and going, THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN... You wake up with the keyboard stuck to your forehead...

   Hey guys, my name is Anthony Griffith ~AKA~ Bellthazarr. I've been a gamer for about 15 years or so.  In my gaming profession most of my experience has been with the MMORPG and FPS genres, so hopefully I can efficiently cater to everyone's needs. Here in my blog I plan on helping people find fun games that reflect their gaming needs. I will also be posting explanations on the various genres of games and styles that are Crazy Fun and Supper Addicting.

   What I am trying to do here, is create a home base. A family if you will... A Community of like minded people. A place where even "Noobs" can get a grip and FINALLY, finally get the help we ALL search for, but never find. So without further ado...

                       Welcome All To Zarr Gaming - Gaming Paradise!!!


09/07/13 - Added "Whats is MMORPG?" and "Great Free MMORPGs" pages. Finished adding a review and link to free MMORPG, Dekaron Global.

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  1. Hey Guys! Thought I would leave a comment here because without one, the comment box was hard to find... Any way, If you visited this blog, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think!!!