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Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Is An RCE Game?

   An RCE game, or MMORCE, means that it is a "Real Cash Economy", or "Real Cash Environment". What this means is that the in-game currency is just as valuable as the real life dollars in your wallet or purse. Now before your like "whhHHHhhaatTTTTt???", good luck trying to get rich quick from farming. It IS possible to get rich from an RCE game, but very unlikely. 

   All RCE games that I know of are free to play, however, unless you want to do the exact same thing every day for weeks or months, you need to deposit some real life cash into the game. Actually the way you have to go about playing these games is MAKING IT YOUR BUSINESS!!! If you don't play the game like it's your actual real life business, you will go under in no time.

   In an RCE game, you can't just do whatever you want and not have any consequences for it. You can't go out and buy this epic weapon that cost 90% of what ever game currency you currently have. You have to think about your actions before you do them, even when it comes down to mining or crafting. 

   EVERYTHING COST MONEY!!! Being in a Real Cash Economy has a huge advantage AND disadvantage. If your smart, or a great con artist, you can make a killing in these types of games. The strong disadvantage is the competition, everyone in that game is there to "survive".  

   Need more ammo for your weapon, or repair the endurance on your sword? That cost REAL MONEY also. Literally EVERYTHING will cost money. So how do you play the game without loosing money? PLAY SMART! I can not stress that enough! When you go hunting monsters, KNOW what monsters you want to hunt. KNOW what loot is in demand RIGHT THEN and go hunt the monsters that drop that loot.

   So basically, if your going to play an RCE game, you HAVE to be at least efficient in being able to know the market, or how to find out what items are selling for a good price at that time. Below I'm going to leave an example on how make more money than you loose while playing an RCE game.


   OK, lets say that today in the market, Dragon Claws are selling for a 17% markup value of the original price, and the original price is 8% less than what it cost to buy the ammo to go hunting. So now you have to figure out what drops Dragon Claws... Obviously, Dragons do... (Many items wont be this obvious to figure out)

   So by hunting dragons for their drops (Dragon Claws), you are going to be making a rounded 10% profit (sometimes a monster might drop more than 1 of the same item, but also might not drop any). That's going to be paying for your ammo to hunt, AND give you profit. 

   Now when you hunt, you also need to keep in mind you weapon and armor durability... It cost real money to repair those items. Always try and make at leas a 5% profit from anything that you hunt so that it also covers your repair costs when the time comes to do so.

   This just about covers the basics of an RCE game, I'll end up making a page containing what VERY few RCE games that there are. There are actually more browser based RCE (basically text based)  games than graphical, interactive ones. Although the browser based games do present a better no deposit profit.

   I hope you guys enjoyed my explanation of what an RCE is, be sure to check back in tomorrow for more updates!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

~Gaming Paradise~

   Whats Up Fellow And Future Gamers!!! I've got a question for everyone... Have you ever been looking for a game and NOTHING you find seems to interest you? Or maybe you found this OMG, NO FRIGEN WAY!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! PWNT!!!! game and all of a sudden it wants you to pay to play it? Or what about those that ask you to complete a survey then you can download, but guess what, THAT SURVEY NEVER ENDS!!! It just keeps going, and going, and going, THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN... You wake up with the keyboard stuck to your forehead...

   Hey guys, my name is Anthony Griffith ~AKA~ Bellthazarr. I've been a gamer for about 15 years or so.  In my gaming profession most of my experience has been with the MMORPG and FPS genres, so hopefully I can efficiently cater to everyone's needs. Here in my blog I plan on helping people find fun games that reflect their gaming needs. I will also be posting explanations on the various genres of games and styles that are Crazy Fun and Supper Addicting.

   What I am trying to do here, is create a home base. A family if you will... A Community of like minded people. A place where even "Noobs" can get a grip and FINALLY, finally get the help we ALL search for, but never find. So without further ado...

                       Welcome All To Zarr Gaming - Gaming Paradise!!!


09/07/13 - Added "Whats is MMORPG?" and "Great Free MMORPGs" pages. Finished adding a review and link to free MMORPG, Dekaron Global.