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What is MMORPG?

    Whats up guys? Here I'm going to explain exactly what an MMORPG is. MMORPG is short for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This genre of gaming is exactly as its name describes. MMORPG is a game that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people play together, online. They are able to interact, talk, and "Party" with one another, all the while taking on a "role" of someone entirely different than who they are in real life. This "role" that they take on is known as their Character (There are also many different names for a character, such as; toon, alt, pixil, bank, storage, etc.). There are also 3 "Basic" classes a character can take, as listed below.

   *Brute Force - A basic definition of this type of character is someone that fights melee style, up close and personal. This class commonly has a super high defense, but average damage dealing. This class also usually only attacks one enemy at a time because of the lack of AoE (Area of Effect) Skills that hit multiple enemies at once. Sometimes this class is one of the best "Debuff" (Debuff skills can lower the enemies defenses, attack power, speed, stats, etc) characters in the game as well. The most commonly known names for this type of class are listed below. Each variation plays about the same role, but uses different weapons.


   *Ranged Attack - This class uses weapons such as Bows, Crossbows, Throwing Knives, Pistols, etc. A Ranged Character usually has a well balanced attack and defense, capable of soloing (playing alone) through most of the lower game levels. Ranged characters also specialize in skills such as stealing, hit and run (Dealing a substantial amount of damage at once then running while the skill recharges), setting traps for enemies to trigger causing a "Debuff" to occur, and decent AoE damage skills and Debuffs. The following are some of the basic names for a ranged character.


   *Supernatural Attack - This final type of class usually uses something called Manna or Mana. Unlike the HP (Health Points) bar or bubble, it is blue or purple, instead of red. To cast ANY spells you MUST have Mana. The main attacks that someone using a supernatural class will cast are usually magical or divine. Such as casting a spell that does elemental or holy/dark damage. A character can "specialize" one branch of elemental attacks to become a "Pure" (pure meaning that they ONLY added skill and stat points to support a specific element or power.) The different types of supernatural skill that can be cast are as follows, as are the commonly known names for this type of class.


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